RoofGuard Cast Iron Dome

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In applications where a cast iron RoofGuard is preferred, model number RG2016DDC cast iron RoofGuard is ideal.

APPLICATIONS: Ideal to replace existing roof drain domes on the roofs of schools, warehouses, factories, office buildings and any other building that has standing water on the roof due to clogged roof drain domes. The cast iron RoofGuard ensures a long life. It is also positively bolted to the roof drain body and membrane clamp.


  • The RoofGuard will retrofit onto any existing roof drain (MIFAB, Zurn, JR Smith, Wade, Josam or Watts body)
  • Remove the existing roof drain dome. Remove the bolts from the membrane clamp ring one at a time and replace them with the provided hardware (MIFAB HS-18 or HS-19) ensuring to choose the right bolt size for your application
  • Assemble the threaded rods into the body. Add the washer and nut onto the threaded rod, securing the membrane clamp ring to the body. Add another nut and washer to the threaded rod, one inch above the membrane clamp ring (adjusting nut)
  • Repeat this process until all bolts on the membrane clamp ring have been removed and replaced
  • Place the RoofGuard over the drain body. Turn it until the slots in the top of the RoofGuard align with the threaded rods
  • The RoofGuard needs to be 1/8” off of the roofing membrane. Use the adjusting nuts if necessary to attain this
  • Add a washer and nut to the top of all of the threaded rods in order to secure the dome. Cut the excess thread off of the threaded rods.