RoofGuard Polyethylene Scupper

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  • Patented design increases surface area by up to 5x or more making a RoofGuard protected drain virtually uncloggable
  • RoofGuard SAVES $$
  • RoofGuard works 24/7
  • Eliminates leaks and costly repairs caused by clogged drains
  • RoofGuard will replace any scupper drain
  • Installation is fast, simple, and requires no tools
  • Removable Top allows easy access to drain and piping without detaching RoofGuard


  1. Remove packaging and take adjustable top off of the RoofGuard housing
  2. Remove any screening around scupper opening
  3. Clean and dry roofing membrane
  4. Overfill the 4 attachment pods on the bottom of RoofGuard with an exterior water proof adhesive (M-1 or similar). Make sure the pods are full and over flowing with the adhesive to ensure proper bonding to roofing membrane
  5. Turn RoofGuard over and install with the scupper opening centered on the flat platform on RoofGuard. Install as close as possible to the scupper opening
  6. Size the RoofGuard top to scupper opening and then install on RoofGuard platform. The top can be adjusted to slide inside of scupper opening or go over opening
  7. Slide adjustable top into desired position so that the top protects scupper opening