RoofGuard is simple to use

RoofGuard will replace any roof drain dome up 15" wide and scupper drains 6-12" wide. Installation is fast, simple, and requires no tools.


Where can I purchase RoofGuard?

You can order through your local Roofing or Plumbing Supply store.

How is RoofGuard installed?

  • Clean and remove all dirt, debris, and other loose material in area around the drain where RoofGuard is to be installed. After cleaning if the area is wet dry it off removing as much moisture as possible.
  • Remove and dispose of current drain dome or scupper cover.
  • Turn RoofGuard over and fill the Attachment Pods with an exterior-rated adhesive (we recommend M1 by Chemlink). Make sure the Pods are completely full and over flowing with adhesive to properly bond.
  • Turn RoofGuard over install over the drain. Press firmly on top of the Attachment Pods to ensure good adhesion to the roof surface.

How often do you have to inspect and clean RoofGuard?
Under normal circumstances only an annual inspection and cleaning should be necessary.

Do I have to drill holes in my roof?
No. RoofGuard attaches to your roof with an exterior rated silicone or other special roof dhesive.

Does RoofGuard replace my roof drain?
No. RoofGuard is not a roof or scupper drain. It is a roof drain dome and scupper drain grate replacement. RoofGuard works in conjunction with an existing drain. You do have to remove any existing drain dome or scupper grate.

Why RoofGuard?
RoofGuard prevents clogs. No clogs = no standing water, and no standing water = no leaks.

How does RoofGuard save money?
RoofGuard saves money by reducing costly maintenance/repairs from clogged drains. Requiring only an annual inspection operating costs are lowered through decreased labor for inspections and cleaning.

Do I need to know the drain manufacturer and/or model of drain?
No. RoofGuard works with any manufacturers roof drain up to 15" indiameter or scupper drain 6"-12.5" wide.

What size of drains does RoofGuard fit?
RoofGuard works with roof drains up 15” in diameter and scupper drains 6”-12.5” wide.

Does RoofGuard come with any guarantee?
RoofGuard comes with a 10-year Limited Warrenty.

Is RoofGuard compatible with any roofing material?
Yes, so long as an exterior adhesive will create a suitable bond with the material