RoofGuard Polyethylene Dome

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APPLICATIONS: Ideal to replace existing roof drain domes on the roofs of schools, warehouses, factories, office buildings and any other building that has standing water on the roof due to clogged roof drain domes.

  • Patented design increases surface area by up to 5x or more making a RoofGuard protected drain virtually uncloggable
  • RoofGuard SAVES $$
  • RoofGuard works 24/7
  • Eliminates leaks and costly repairs caused by clogged drains
  • RoofGuard will replace any Roof Drain Dome Strainer up to 15” in diameter
  • Installation is fast, simple, and requires no tools
  • Removable Top allows easy access to drain and piping without detaching RoofGuard


  1. Clean and remove all dirt, debris, and other loose material in area around the drain where RoofGuard is to be installed. After cleaning, if the area is wet dry it off removing as much moisture as possible
  2. Remove and dispose of current drain dome strainer
  3. Turn RoofGuard over and fill the Attachment Pods with an exterior adhesive such as Chemlink M-1 or equal. Make sure the Pods are completely full and over flowing with adhesive to properly bond
  4. Turn RoofGuard over to install over the drain. Press firmly on top of the Attachment Pods to ensure good adhesion to the roof surface.